Our Story


Deploy Brand Management is a made-to-measure brand management company catering to small and medium enterprises both locally and internationally. Deploy’s intention is to provide a targeted holistic and all-encompassing service to our clients in relation to their brand identity. Our individualized approach to pre-identified specific markets for our new and existing clients is what elevates us from our competitors.


Our founder, Meegan Roux, started freelancing in brand management during her final years of studying law at the University of Pretoria. Deploy Brand Management was formally founded in 2020 when Meegan identified a need in small and medium enterprises relating to them not having the resources for full-time brand management as well as not having the skills for a continually updated digital presence.

Upon finishing her studies, she moved into brand management full time. Over the years, Meegan has worked with numerous enterprises across multiple industries and geographies, delivering performance driven results through a wide range of marketing strategies. With the knowledge gained from local and international clients, Deploy Brand Management has grown quickly into a formidable team that has the experience to realize your businesses brand awareness dreams.

Over the years, we have perfected our direct target marketing approach with various different types of clients including the likes of high-end, clearly defined clientele to large franchise’s stores dealing with customers from all over Sub-Saharan Africa. Our hands-on approach together with our bigger picture thinking is what differentiates us. We work closely with our client’s leadership teams thus enabling us to successfully grow their businesses and to provide continuous feedback. This is a dynamic process with continual evolution.

Our Clients